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Real Purpose of an Oven Drawer

Best Kitchen Hacks - The drawer under your Oven is for warming food, not for storage

How to Keep Ice Cream Soft?

Best Kitchen Hacks - Ice Cream carton in a zip-lock bag keeps the contents soft

How to Avoid Over-Ripening of Bananas?

Best Kitchen Hacks - Sealing the banana stem with wrap keeps it fresh

How to Get the Smell of Garlic Off Your Hands? In the first place, avoid this problem by wearing disposable gloves whenever cutting garlic. Do not use hot water, it enlarges the pores in the hand and the smell passes into the hands making very difficult to remove this scent.

Best Kitchen Hacks - Tried Methods to get the Smell of Garlic off your Hands

Best Kitchen Hacks: How to Peel a Banana?

Best Kitchen Hacks - Ideal method of peeling a Banana

How Wooden Spoon Prevents Boil Over? During your childhood you must have observed that your grandma or your mom, while cooking pasta, used to put a wooden spoon across the pot to prevent the water from boiling over. You can also use this ‘ancient’ trick without any fear of over spill.  While the cooking is in progress, you can comfortably see a favorite television show or talk to a friend on your mobile phone or iron your clothes without any tension because the wooden spoon will do its work and the water will not boil over to create a mess on the top of your expensive stove.

Best Kitchen Hacks - Avoid boiling over of water with a wooden spoon

There is no rocket science involved in this ‘trick’. As you know, the boiling point of water is 100°C (212°F) and when the water boils it contains bubbles which are filled with hot steam. When these hot bubbles touch the wooden spoon, which is cooler, obviously having a temperature less than 100°C (212°F), the steam condenses (again turns into water), hence the bubbles are burst.

Never use a metal spoon in place of wooden spoon because metals are good conductors of heat and the temperature of a metal spoon very quickly equals the temperature of the boiling water, hence the bubbles are unable to burst.

Warning: Do not keep your pot unattended for too long, because a stage will come when the heat of the bubbles will also heat up the wooden spoon and it will not be able to do the ‘trick’ because the warmth of the spoon will no longer be less than the warmth of the bubbles.

Some Best Kitchen Hacks

How to Get Maximum Juice out of Lemons?
Soak lemons in hot water for 1 to 2 hours and then extract juice.

How to Avoid Cabbage Smell during Cooking?
The smell of cabbage during cooking can be avoided by keeping a piece of bread on the cabbage in the pot.

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