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Newton’s Law about Relaxation. Have you ever heard this Law about relaxation on Sunday?

Husband Wife Jokes - Newton's Law of Sunday - Best Marriage Jokes & Humor

It’s Every Wife’s Trap. All wise husbands must try to avoid this trap.

Husband & Wife Jokes - Wife's Trap - Married Life Husband Wife Jokes

Newton’s Law about Idiots

Husband & Wife Jokes - Newton's Law about Idiots - Best Marriage Jokes & Humor

A Very Strange Reason for Break-up by a Wife. Isn’t it a pretty weird reason?

Husband & Wife Jokes - Wife's Reason for Break-up - Funny Jokes about Married Life

Small Argument Between a Couple turns Violent

Husband & Wife Jokes - Argument between a Couple - Best Marriage Jokes & Humor

Husband Wife Jokes: “Oh, What a Coincidence” 

Husband & Wife Jokes - What a Coincidence - Funny Jokes about Married Life

The Highest Peak in the United States of America 

Husband & Wife Jokes - Highest Peak in the USA - Best Marriage Jokes & Humor

“Are You Married?” asks the Salesperson at McDonald’s

Husband and Wife Jokes - Salesperson asks 'Are you Married' - Husband Wife Jokes and Humor

Placement of Fiction and Fantasy Books in the Library

Husband & Wife Jokes - Fiction & Fantasy Books - Best Marriage Jokes & Humor

A Priest Gives Genuine Advice to a Worried Husband. Do you think it’s a genuine advice?

Husband & Wife Jokes - A Priest's Genuine Advice - Funny Husband Wife Jokes

A Man’s Commitment Before and after Marriage. Is it every man’s commitment?

Husband & Wife Jokes - Before and after Marriage - Best Marriage Jokes & Humor

Cat’s playing on the Roof.  Book mark this page and read more Husband Wife Jokes shortly.

Husband & Wife Jokes - Cat's playing on the Roof - Funny Jokes about Married Life

Curry or Soup? A wife asks her husband whether she should prepare curry or soup for the day.

Husband & Wife Jokes - Curry or Soup? - Marriage Jokes, Husband Wife Jokes

Wives not Talking to their Husbands. Is it really a punishment for the husbands?

Husband Wife Jokes - Silent Wives - Funny Jokes about Married Life

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