Why Should American Women Read Newspapers? There was a time when people used to read a newspaper the first thing in the morning, some even read two or three newspapers to keep them abreast with national and international news. In this modern era of electronic gadgets, the habit of reading a newspaper is not religiously being pursued in the USA and other parts of the world. A large number of newspapers have gone out of business and closed for good. In 2004, some 1,457 daily newspapers were published in the U.S. but just after 10 years the number came down to 1,331 in 2014, and 126 daily newspapers went out of circulation.

Now most of the people watch the latest news on television. Some start their day by checking their emails, Facebook posts, Tweets and WhatsApp messages first thing in the morning. But nothing beats up reading the latest news from a daily newspaper while sitting in a comfortable chair near the window, and sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea.

Why Should American Women Read Newspapers?

It is recommended that all American women read newspapers and develop this good habit for improving their outlook. It has been noted that every woman of substance reads newspapers. This rewarding habit increases a woman’s knowledge and broadens her perspective, and enable her to see a clearer picture of the current happenings. It is good enough if you can afford to subscribe your favorite newspaper, but if you can’t afford one, still there is no excuse not to indulge in the useful routine of reading a newspaper. You have a solution available for that too, just open your laptop/desk top computer and read your favorite newspaper online. In fact, you have a wide choice of selecting any U.S. newspaper. Here are some favorite newspapers which can be read online free of cost.
Click at the name of any newspaper and start reading it:-

The above newspapers were the top 13 U.S. newspapers according to their print circulation of September 2015, as published in Statista. These newspapers are not always in the list of the top 13 daily newspapers according to the circulation, a few of these go out of the list, just to come back again when their circulation improves.

Reading is a good hobby and it is very beneficial that American women read newspapers and increase their knowledge of what is happening domestically around them and also internationally.

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